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Re: STID: 10 years later

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Amusingly, some fans were saying Wrath of Khan was a Star Wars-ripoff popcorn action flick back in 1982 ("Indiana Skywalker Meets the Son of Star Trek", Best of Trek #7). And many fans were deeply disappointed in The Empire Strikes Back as well in 1980 (see here for one such example. Many old SW 'zines are scanned and online now expressing similar sentiment). Ultimately, only time will tell - although I for one know I'll enjoy Star Trek and Into Darkness for many years to come.
Seems like the more things change. From the "Best of Trek" article...

Best of Trek #7 wrote:
If, as the Star Trek constituency, we claim to cultivate a sense of the future, we must recognize Wrath of Khan as part of a contemporary phenomenon- the one-time, pay-for-thrills motion-picture show- that cannot last. In future, films will be integrated into home technologies as disks, cassettes, etc. and will be purchased on the basis of their multiple-viewing merits. Under those standards, STTMP will easily qualify for inclusion in home libraries; it will, in its way, be a forerunner of future "good movies". This is the Star Trek condition.
Sound familiar to anyone?
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