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Incredible inconsistency in "Concerning Flight"

Well, I'm being a little melodramatic in the title, but bear with me.

After the aliens transport Voyager's stuff, including the computer core, Paris says, "It feels like we just got mugged."

How would he know what it feels like to get mugged? I thought the Federation was a post-scarcity utopia where they didn't have money, much less wallets or criminals.

It really stood out for me because I think that even now "mug" in the meaning of being robbed on the street is passing out of American English. I remember hearing the word a lot in the 1980s, but don't remember the last time I saw it in print or heard it in conversation.

I guess you could rationalize that Paris, as a student of the 1950s, used archaic slang, but then why would he expect anyone to understand him?

Also, if anyone here goes into television production, a humble word of advice. If you've got a heavyset actor, and he's wearing a long white beard...don't dress him in red. Ever.
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