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Re: The abundance of ideas for a new trek show.

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You simply can not tell merely by evaluating the premise whether a show will work. It might skew the odds one way or the other, but great writing will always be the determining factor.
Agree completely with this. As much as audiences claim to love action scenes in television, most people still strongly prefer series that are well-written to those that are more flashy but have less developed characters and plots. Explosions and cool battle sequences will carry a series only so far before it starts to sputter because those story elements aren't sustainable.

Not every episode can feature a protracted space battle or ground assault. Even fictional concepts need to have some basis in reality for a given show to be something that its viewers can relate to. I would guess that only a small percentage of the population can relate to constantly fighting for one's life, so a TV show showcasing this type of plot over and over again isn't likely to do well.

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