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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

RandyS wrote: View Post
If you were a disabled man (I am) and were beaten by a drunken brother (I was), you wouldn't want booze around you either.
I'm very sorry for your experience, but have you considered that the alcohol wasn't the source of the problem and the fault stemmed directly from your brother?

Faria wrote: View Post
Third Nacelle wrote: View Post
Turbolifts do take up space, but so does everything else. Space is not at a premium on a starship, there's plenty of extra room.
i would not waste space in a ship with a saucer section of 128 meters which had to host more than 420 persons
If space were that limited, then get rid of the corridors too and just have interconnecting rooms. You would also eliminate private living quarters for all but the most senior officers, I mean Lieutenant Uhura had a pair of private connecting rooms. Apparently space aboard the ship isn't that constrained.

The turbo lifts are the ship's transportation system, in addition to personal, they likely move equipment and freight about the ship too. They're not just taxi cabs, they're delivery trucks.

Jonas Grumby wrote: View Post
I have to admit I never thought they were being preachy about alcohol, simply stating that they had a similar tasting beverage without the intoxicating effects
Judging by Scotty's immediate reaction to what he drank, I don't believe it tasted "similar."

Crazyewok wrote: View Post
I mean you dont want the crew to go off duty to a party get pissed then a borg ships appears?
The entire crew doesn't go off duty at the same time, and it's unlikely that all the ones off duty at any one time are drinking to the point they're intoxicated.

robau wrote: View Post
That makes no sense to me. The only reason to put up with the taste of beer is for the intoxication.
Not all beers taste the same, the flavors and textures vary pretty widely. Plus certain foods are accentuated by alcohol, spicy with beer, fish with wine, steak with scotch.

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