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Re: Is TAS worth watching in my complete Star Trek marathon?

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Imagine....You are 13 years old and your sitting there on a Saturday morning eating your King Vitamin cereal watching a television special on the new programming coming on Saturday morning when BAM!.....
The Enterprise flies across your screen in all of it's cartoon glory! You don't care how good it is as it's Star Trek and all Star Trek is good.......

That's how it was for me anyway and I like the animated series.
This is me EXACTLY! Except I remember the special about the new Saturday morning cartoons airing the night before.
That's it. Every year, we looked forward to that special almost more than the new shows.
Yep. They showed a clip of the Enterprise getting caught by the hyper-gravity, from the opening part of Beyond the Farthest Star, IIRC.
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