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Re: TNG Caption This! 316: Brace for Comedy!

Yar: Damn it, Geordi, you're drunk, not Vulcan!

Wesley: I think I should leave you two alone.

Riker: Nonsense, Wesley. Now that you've seen successful flirting, you should witness what happens next, on the off chance you actually pull off the flirting!

Data: DS9 gets Vic Fontaine. We get Joe Piscopo. There truly is no justice in the universe.

Data: I am unsure of the ethical nature of this endeavor, Mr. Worf.

Worf: It is fine. Trust me, even a Klingon finds this honorable.

Data: Honor does not concern me. Committing theft, however, does.

Worf: We legally paid to reserve the room, correct?

Data: Yes. But our contract clearly outlined only use of the room and what's in the room for the night we contracted.

Worf: It's fine.

Data: I disagree, Lieutenant.

Worf: For that last time, Sir, they want you to take the towels!

Picard: Captain's Log, Supplemental. I have seem to inadvertently caught Commander Riker's eyes. He appears to believe we are engaged in a staring contest. Part of me believes I should inform him of the mistake, but a larger part of me wants to beat his ass at this contest. Besides, the Klingon seems to be refereeing and now I feel committed to the contest.

Riker: *to himself* Is the Captain checking me out?

Worf: *to himself* I wish these two would just do it and get it over with...this unresolved sexual tension is...not honorable.
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