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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

A barely hidden desire to entertain people with massive destruction was always a prime feature of Nolan's Batman movies. Remember the monastery constructed from bricks of C4? That's why the fight scenes are dragged out so long as to get a little boring.

I didn't think Nolan could be associated with a movie that had a real woman in it! I have been far too disdainful. My apologies Mr. Nolan. (But you should still let Zimmer compose music, not just rumbly chords aimed at the gut.)

Using old SF ideas to deal with Superman being an alien gives him a real story. Being super doesn't mean he can't be hurt emotionally by humans. Making a leap of faith in them may not be as visually exciting as leaping over a building but it really is much more engaging.

Zod should have been sucked into the phantom zone along with the rest. Given the black magic of his mysterious survival there was no other way to deal with him, but it was entirely unnecessary and was arbitrarily tacked on to make it absolutely necessary for Superman to kill. Since there was no choice, it was not good drama and counts for zero as to the development of Superman as a character, unless you're fixated on the myth of the hero who must suffer the guilt of murder on our behalf. What I felt was that I was basically watching Nolan masturbate but after the Batman movies, what else is new?

PS Abandoning the dog may be a no brainer for ordinary Kansans, but the family knows the dog can be saved, granting the odd assumption that an underpass is sufficient shelter. People get irrational about pets. Clark letting the dog die would have been deliberate, while Jonathan was not irrational in thinking he probably had time. That whole clumsy business with the foot caught with the door was necessary precisely because otherwise Jonathan would have been successful. I was just grateful the schoolbus wasn't hanging off the side of the bridge. I'm sick of that one.
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