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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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Regarding Henry and Forever Young were pretty decent. And the Fringe theme is dandy.
I haven't seen Felicity or Alias, but the above is otherwise Abrams' artistically successful filmography. Odds of him doing anything well are not favorable.

Fringe in particular, being modeled on X-Files, was capable of supporting case of the week stories. The standalone cases in X-Files were the most gloriously successful, and in the end, the serialized story was a dead weight. But in Fringe, one some of the few occasions they could actually come up with a decent standalone story, they truncated it, hastily resolving ten minutes before the credits, so they could shoehorn some more serial in!

The best episodes of Twilight Zone are still repeated. Nobody needs simple pastiche for anything but a nostalgia kick. One aspect of Twilight Zone, the fables exemplifying moral values, sometimes very explicitly, in particular is one for which Abrams overall shows an ineradicable hostility.
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