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Re: The abundance of ideas for a new trek show.

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do you think a movie about another double-0 agent in the Bond universe could be viable in the same way as the 007 movies are, and do you think MGM wuold take that chance ?
Nobody's ever tried, whereas there HAVE been successful Trek spinoffs with different crews, at least successful enough to last longer than the original.

My feeling is that it's not the concept that makes this work, it's the writing. In a thread like this, the "abundance of ideas" rests solely on evaluating the premise. Great writing can take almost anything and make it must-watch TV, just as bad writing can sink any and all attempts to keep flogging Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Brand-association only goes so far.

Just think of what's popular on TV lately (albeit cable). A show about zombies, for instance. Who would think a show about zombies would be viewed as anything but guilty-pleasure schlock? Or a fantasy show (Game of Thrones)? It's all in the writing.

You simply can not tell merely by evaluating the premise whether a show will work. It might skew the odds one way or the other, but great writing will always be the determining factor.
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