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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

Light is excellent on paper, we find out about the Destiny recharging via suns, after the drama of everyone thinking they were gonna die a horrible death, the shuttle drama, the planet they found that wasn't perfect, but instead was barely survivable, the moral dilemma for Young to choose "the right people" vs the Lottery.. definitely one of the better early episodes, but, still, just missing something

I agree with you Teacake, Rush didn't know, but, he had Faith in his Destiny and maybe suspected what was going on.

Yea Wray i not a sympathetic character yet, in this one, but, I think she was right, as the Leader, it was irresponsible for Young to leave it to chance and the Lottery (Though if Scott hadn't made it back, and Young loaded the shuttle with the absolute best/most important to survival, then they'd really be screwed)

I took Greer stripping down as a response to the expected heat, and possibly a fear that at some point his clothes would burn maybe. Or possibly some kind of pseudo-religious cleansing in death thing.
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