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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

Light: Wray is completely pathetic. Young is going to draw a lottery for who gets to go on the shuttle and she marches up to him all, "DO THIS, do THAT, do BLAH BLAH BLAH!!"

And so Young, being a pissy fellow, says "I may take your name out of the lottery."

And she starts to cry. She begs him, "please" not to do this.

And THEN when she actually wins the lottery and gets on the not gonna burn and die shuttle she cries some more. Sobs. Okay I'm sure someone is going to say, well she's a civilian, she's not trained for this. But Chloe didn't cry when her lover jetted away (with his ex lover..) and she thought she would never see him again and also die herself. Was all this Wray crying supposed to help the audience see her soft side? Didn't work.

I think it is shitty that they left bald angry marine out cold on the floor after Greer king butted him with his machine gun. Unprofessional and unkind and shitty.

And Greer.. Greer prepares for death by stripping off, he wants to die as naked as he came into the world. Forget all that awful Greer backstory coming up THIS is all we needed to know. Great stuff.

And finally I do not think Rush "knew" that Destiny would fly through the star and survive. I think he believed that Destiny would survive because Rush, the consummate scientist, has a religious relationship with this ship which he thinks is his own personal "destiny".

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