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Re: An interesting anecdote about two days ago...

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So some people have other things in their lives to do than watching films or TV shows. A big surprise.

nuTrek 2009 made 250 million in the US. [blah blah] The chance of meeting someone who doesn't know who Captain Kirk is is a lot greater than the chance of meeting someone who does.
It's just a little anecdote, you can come down off your high horses now.

Dear GOD what is wrong with you people! You and R Star, take a fucking chill pill! And that is such stupid logic that I'm surprise you don't get a headache.

You don't need to watch Star Trek to know who bloody Captain Kirk is. Most people - even non Trek fans - will know him. I've never watched the Incredible Hulk, but I know the green fella is.

Which is why the original post works. It's strange that someone doesn't know who he is.

The fact that you resort to maths to even try and prove 9 out of 10 people don't know a cultural icon from the last 50 years is embarrassing.
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