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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Phily B wrote: View Post
Another thing that annoyed me, when he dons the suit - it's not epic, it doesn't feel monumental or a great weight. It' just a suit. Same with the flying scene, when he "learns" to fly properly - it's not really joyous, or monumental or any of that, he is just flying.
Really? I thought it was plenty epic with the doors parting, him slowly striding out and coming into focus, Jor-El's inspiring voiceover, and the music building underneath.

And when he starts flying and has this totally amazed expression on his face, it's an absolutely joyous moment (although when he starts struggling it unfortunately reminded me a little TOO much of Greatest American Hero).

Samuel Walters wrote: View Post
The death toll, and the way it's basically glossed over, is my biggest issue with the film. Superman felt anguish over his decision to defeat Zod - where was the similar anguish over the consequences of the battle which, while necessary, perhaps, was utterly devastating?
Yeah, I agree the city's destruction probably should have been addressed in some way afterwards. And maybe we should have seen Superman anguishing more over the loss of life (or imploring Zod with one of Reeve's "No, Zod-- the PEOPLE!!!"), but at the same time he was clearly at WAR here, and the only real way to put an end to the destruction was to stop it at it's source and defeat Zod, which obviously took all the energy and focus he had.

daveyNY wrote: View Post
I got that Jor-El was very reticent to kill Zod (that was obvious from the get-go), but I never got that vibe from the son till the very moment it happened.
I thought it had been established pretty well by that point that killing went against everything Clark believed in and had been taught by his parents. He's never so much as hit a guy in anger before, and now he's being forced to snap a guy's neck. It was obvious how much that tore at him, and I thought the moment was powerful as hell-- especially when it appears that Zod was almost goading Superman to kill him because he had no more reason to live.

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