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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Just got back, and I thought it was freakin AWESOME. Cavill and Adams were great, I loved the way they shook up the origin story, and-- despite what the critics say-- I thought the movie was chock full of wonder and emotion.

I just don't understand what their problem with the movie was at all. Yeah, maybe the story's structure was a bit unconventional, but I had no problem following any of it and actually kind of liked how it kept you off balance a bit.

And while Avengers might have been more humorous and "fun", I found MOS to be far more emotionally engaging, and Clark's journey much easier to care about and get involved in. And the movie never felt oppressively dark or heavy to me either; I thought there were plenty of light and funny moments and plenty of nice, quiet character scenes. And while the action was certainly big and epic, it never grew tiresome or mindnumbing like it so often does in a Michael Bay movie (in fact I was actually surprised the various battles ended as quickly as they did).

And I don't understand the complaints about Superman himself either. Not only is his first move is to surrender to Zod in order to save Earth, but when he takes the action he does at the end, he's not only incredibly resistant, but devastated as hell after the fact. And we also see plenty of his humility, compassion, and self-sacrificing nature in the movie as well.

The only criticism I have is perhaps spending a little TOO much time on Krypton early on, and the somewhat abrupt way Superman is revealed to the world only through Zod's arrival and him being called out. I think I would have preferred seeing Supes introduced more on his own terms, and before the big invasion started.

But still, those are minor gripes and in the end I'd still have to give this movie an A. I freakin LOVED it, and can't wait to see it again.

(Also, was it just me or was there a moment when Cavill was looking up at the white energy beam that he looked dead-on like Christopher Reeve? I swear I got chills.)
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