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Re: Did they over do the crews obsession with Cochrane?

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"It's just a little hero-worship, Doc."
Besides, I always thought that the reverence any Trek character had for old Zef was a mirror to how Trek fans have idolized Gene Roddenberry. If it weren't for him, there'd be no Trek, be he wasn't the be-all end-all patron saint of adavanced humanity or the sole contributor to what makes Trek great.

As far as Archer bshing that alien in with the Cochrane statue: all I could think of was "Gee, I wish they would sell that statue!"
Steve Neil over at Steve Neil's Garage is selling that statue. He' a friend of Doug Drexler. And Doug let him pull a mold off of the original statue and sell signed copies.
I just wish I had the money for one.
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