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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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Not being able to save everyone isn't the same as wantonly destroying big areas of the city and half of Smallville. Especially when in parts they were just after him, fly away, fight, come back. Or at least don't go throwing trains and other Kryptonians through buildings and supporting structures.
For the damage, there was never much he could do to minimize it, most of the damage to metropolis was done by the ship, in smallville Sups was on the defensive almost the whole time and so was never in much of a position to dictate where and how it was gonna go down. And against Zod, i don't see that their is much he could have done here either, the damage was gonna happen with or without him, I don't see Zod rushing after Sups if he made a run for it, why bother when going on a rampage would have brought him right back?

Plus lets not forget that this was a first time for Clark as well, he had never done anything like this before, never fought like this or gone up against people like this before, did he even realise how destructive it could get before it was too late and actually happening?
In Smallville he threw one of them through a petrol station causing it to explode, I seem to remember he threw one in to a train yard knocking trains off the tracks and then a train through a building, though that last one may have been them. In Metropolis he threw Zod through buildings and support struts and barely attempted to save people. Now granted Zod is going to kill people anyway but Clark wasn't even trying to limit the damage most of the time.
One more anal-probing gyro-pyro levitating ecoplasm alien anti-matter story and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot somebody.
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