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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Saw it tonight and LOVED it. I think it's successful artistically and technically on numerous levels. Also, at long last, Man of Steel makes Superman an A-lister in superhero cinema, right up there with Batman, Iron Man and Spider-Man. It's about time.

I understand the most common criticisms--excessive destruction in lengthy fight scenes, not enough humor, Jonathan Kent's actions, etc. The critics may be right about these things, but there's so much more that is right about the film. We could not ask for a better ensemble of actors (including my favorite actress, Diane Lane). Krypton is presented as a far more interesting world than that glimpsed in the 1978 film. And of course, Superman faces adversaries who match him on a physical level.

I would have liked to see more of Clark's life after Smallville High. We know that he turned into a loner, working in unremarkable jobs. But did he ever attend college? We might guess that he did; any teenager (super-powered or not) seen holding a book about Plato probably wouldn't end his formal education with a high school diploma. That would not be enough to get Clark going in a new career in Metropolis, btw. There are a lot of gaps in this Clark Kent's life that we must leave to our imagination.

In the next few films, I hope that Superman battles Brainiac, meets other superheroes and creates a Fortress of Solitude.
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