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Re: Has anyone else noticed the major plot flaw in TWOK?

Here is my thoughts on this. It is just sloppy writing and they really didnt have understanding how space and science work so the writers are in fault here. Planet dont just blow up without a trace and chance the orbit of another planet. My 2 cent is that Reliant was scouting/science ship. They mission was to find earthlike moon or earth sise planet that was 100% DEAD for Genesis project. Just watch this scene with Chekov and Reliant captain with Carol Marcus. They had found a planet that they thought was suitable but senors detects lifeform in just one area in the entire planet.
However Dr. Marcus demanded them to go and check it out. Here is my beef. Ceti Alpha 5 was living M-class planet with millions if not billions lifeforms and all dies and vanish within 20 years except Khan and his merry men. I find it hard to believe. Life dosent end so quickly. Ceti Alpha in my opinion shouldn't never been consider as suitable planet for Genesis project cause despite changing the orbit and affect of explosion laying waste. There should still be plenty evidence of life still on Ceti Alpha 5(Khan planet).
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