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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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And really why should Young trust him after he made the decision to dial the 9nth chevron when they could have all trotted off to some other planet the Hammond could have eventually rescued them from? He's started his relationship with these people as a loose cannon and they aren't going to forget it.
If they dailed another planet why would they need a ship to rescue you them couldn't they simply dial the SGC or one of the other off world sites?

As for the start of there relationships with one another, it appeared that they had been working at Icarus base for some time with one another. You could say Rush's descion to dial the ninth chevron didn't exactly help his relationship with them. But we know energy can travel through a stargate so dialing Earth or one of the other off world sites would have been a risk just in case the worst happened. So the only two options open were :

1.>Dial an unihabitated planet in the Milky-Way
2.>Dial the nonth Chevron.
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