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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

I guess I'm to "Old School" for this movie.

I wasn't bored, but it just didn't click for me.

The FX were spectacular and the acting quite good, but the music left a lot to be desired.

It's a very solemn and macabre story, which means it'll probably be a huge hit with folks under twenty-five.

The real World is depressing enough, I really don't want to go to the movies and be even more depressed when I leave.

I must have missed the dialogue in the movie where Superman wanes on the fact he's going to be forced to kill Zod...

Cause his reaction after breaking Zods' neck came completely out of left field as far as I was concerned.

I got that Jor-El was very reticent to kill Zod (that was obvious from the get-go), but I never got that vibe from the son till the very moment it happened.

A few other observations...,
No Daily Planet Icon on building roof.

I didn't mind Jenny Olsen, but they could have at least made her something more than a screaming damsel-in-distress.

Laurence Fishburn as Perry White, interesting choice, not much done with the character though.

Pa Kent dies a hero's death... seemed completely out of character for me. Pa WAS savable, they should have stuck with a natural 'cause-of-death'. (but perhaps Mr. Costner needed something more, to do the part).

Way to many buildings destroyed in Metropolis, haven't seen that level of destruction since "The Death of Superman" comic series.
Which leads to the over-whelming number of dead that must be left lying around.
How many folks who have lost loved-ones, are really going to be appreciative of Superman defeating the bad guys...
In other words, waaaay over done in my opinion.

Making Superman REAL for todays audiences...
In my opinion, takes all the FUN out of it.
Superman was created during a time when it was believed that the world was on the edge of mass destruction...
In order to bring a hero to the comic book readers of the time, who could up-lift their spirits. (as well as sell comics)

Todays Superman is just another grim character that demonstrates just how desolate and depressing the real world can be.
I'll take "Superman Returns" over this, anytime.

I doubt MoS is going to beat Iron Man out in the money dept. this summer.

Oh, I gave the movie a C.
And there were about 14 people at the 11:30am, 2-D showing I went to.
I must go out in2 space again for the call of adventure cries. With a steady hand & robust crew I'll take her forth with pride. I must go out in2 space again to a vagabond Captains life. Where comets play & galaxies sway like whirlwinds in the night.

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