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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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That MoS had a rotten rating even before it freaking released worries me greatly... but, dammit, it's Superman so I have to obey the call despite my reservations.

One question about it here, how's the theme/soundtrack sound - are they anything at all like the Classics?

I kept waiting (and hoping) to hear little strains of John Williams' Superman theme mixed in, but to no avail.

I far as I could tell there is really no Fan-fare theme in this movie at all.

I'd be hard-pressed to be able to tell someone that I could remember the music, there's nothing really that stands out in my mind.
(and I love music of all kinds dearly)

Again, it's probably attune to the fact that todays younger audiences seem to feel more akin to all things macabre and solemn than I do.

It'll probably be a huge hit with folks under twentyfive.
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