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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Yep. Show me one example of the crew attempting to do things Jellico's way or actively trying to help him with the mission. I'm not talking about suggesting he lighten up or attempts to convince him to leave things alone. I'm talking about someone saying "yes sir we will get it done." The only ones that come to mind are Data and possibly Worf.
Geordi came on strong later on too. It was ultimately the command team of Jellico, Data, & Laforge that reasoned out The Cardassian plan, and set the mission up to go on the offensive.

& even Troi got savvy enough to know to keep in line, & was actually the only one to somewhat agree with Jellico's plan to engage the Cardies at Minos Korva

Plus, as I've mentioned, it was Geordi that got Jellico to reinstate Riker for the piloting mission. Once Riker is relieved, everyone else really falls in line & functions exceptionally well as a team, except Crusher's one objection, which went without too much difficulty
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