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Re: Was I the only one who disliked Far Beyond the Stars?

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Not impressed with Avery Brook's embarrassingly bad over-acting on display in the episode either.
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I've seen people in extreme emotional states and Brooks isn't overacting. His character is vulnerable, not cool, and that may not be pleasant viewing. Not the same thing at all.
Anyone who thinks Brooks was overacting in that episode, be grateful that your life experience hasn't taught you just how realistic his portrayal of Benny's emotional distress was. IMO, Brooks does sometimes overact, but this episode wasn't one of those times.

Very presumptuous (and foolish) of you to assume anything about a stranger's life experience based off of their opinion of an actor's performance.

I think Brooks did a terrible job in that scene and plenty of other people agree. It's cringe worthy.

On the other hand many people think it was award worthy or something. To each their own.

It says nothing whatsoever about you as a person for feeling either way.
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