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Re: Is TAS worth watching in my complete Star Trek marathon?

For all the criticisms that people make (and have made in the past) about TAS, I don't think it often gets the praise it deserves for other things. Using the original series cast and staying true to their characters as seen in the original series. Using scriptwriters from TOS to retain that authentic flavor. The production design: using TOS uniforms, and the Enterprise interiors being effectively an accurate representation of the sets seen in TOS. And so on. People often harp on about TAS somehow being inauthentic, but compare it to most other live-action-to-animation transfers of the 1970s and 1980s. Almsot none of them made the transfer to animation without making substantial changes to the mythology of the parent live-action series, usually even "dumbing down for kids" (as if kids need something to be dumbed down when they enjoyed the live-action version perfectly fine as it was!). TAS is different to that. It shows respect to TOS, and it shows respect to Star Trek. Heck, TAS is virtually just TOS continued in animated format.

Sure, some of the criticisms are valid. There is limited animation. The half-hour format does truncate storytelling compared to the hour-long format. The oft-quoted color mistakes are rampant in some places. But these are only nitpicks when TAS, at it's very core, is as much Star Trek as any other series.
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