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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Watched it this afternoon. Was pumped afterwards. It was so nice to go to a supes movie and not get the same old cheesy boyscout supes and over acted villian (sp). The "real life" track they took was perfect and this is now my number one supes movie. The storyline was meaty and the action and pace was very good. I could follow all the action very well, even though I am blind in one eye.
Odd thing though is that I did fell a little sympathy for Zod. The Krypton society is a good example of a static society. Babies are hard wired for their service to society. Zod was hardwired for defense and saving his people and his and his people's ending kind of hit a note on me for some reason. The Kent's views on how the world would look upon their son was spot on and would be the way I would have handled it too and I thought that Pa's sacrifice was chilling and stoic.
In reading the critics reviews, it seems to me that they are giving negatives largely because they didn't get the story they wanted. They wanted all the gooey cheesy stuff, didn't get it and cried about it. IMHO. Sure there are some ticks in this movie that bothered me, but overall I gave the movie an A plus. It breathes a needed breath of fresh air into the mythos and the fact that a 1:30 showing was stuffed full kinda sealed that deal for me. OK, done rambling!
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