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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Great film! Just got back after seeing the film with a packed audience, many of whom applauded at the end. I was a little concerned with the mixed reviews, with several saying the film was joyless. I agree it could have used a little more humor but it was a fun as hell ride featuring some terrific performances. The guy playing Zod was fantastic. Really liked the use of Lois Lane in the film. Cavil was good in the role (he really does look like Tom Welling) but again, they needed to have him loosen up a little. Top-notch FX and fighting scenes.

Can't argue with the fact it would have been nice to have seen Superman TRY to stop some of those buildings from collapsing.

On a minor note, loved seeing the various BSG/Dollhouse alum pop up and amused that Alessandro Juliani appeared in the next scene after the character he played on Smallville, Dr. Emil Hamilton, appeared in the movie.

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