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Re: Voyagers ending, redone.

I think the Endgame episode should be written off as a dream. Janeway awakens after having thiis incredible dream about coming home but, alas, it is only a dream. There she and the rest of Voyager crew are....still in the Delta Quadrant. Now,they need to find their own way home without the help of the future Janeway. Perhaps they have to battle to Borg to get to those transwarp hubs or whatever. And perhaps once they get through each hub it must be destroyed to keep the relentless Borg at bay. Or perhaps, the Species 8274 (I think) is reasserting itself as a hostile alien to contend with. In any case, it is a struggle and we don't know for sure that they make it until near the end. And yes, it would be nice to see some of the aftermath of arriving back home. I understand that Star Trek doesn't want to be to too sappy but just a 2 second shot of seeing the earth was not good enough at all. It was completely unsatisfying.
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