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Re: Generations was...

You know, it's going wildly off-topic, but I think the Enterprise E did work well in the context of the movie it was introduced in. As a contextual counterpoint to that Borg cube, and within the rest of First Contact's darker production design, both interior and exterior are... okay. Looking "fast and scary" is excusable within that certain context. And maybe within context of a wider Dominion War.

Where it gets pissed up the wall is that I can't believe in the Enterprise E being part of more mundane missions. It's a badass intimidating ship and I can't say it would have been well suited to diplomatic relations, because it would veritably loom over other ships. And that isn't the Federation way.

I think Eaves did fine making a ship for First Contact. But he failed to make a ship that is nearly as believable as the 1701-D, in context of the wider Star Trek universe. 1701-D embodies the virtues of Star Trek better than it's successor ship.
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