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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Well, there is two new BSG video blogs up over at SciFi. I believe there's a thread started (somewhere here) that has a link. Anywho..., what's really cool is the "goo" one. We get to see a Cylon "rebirth" chamber. There's some footage of our favorite Six being "reborn" with the ZenaReporter there too. Lots of goo, semi-naked Six literally bathing in it and more goo.... That alone sounds like it's worth the price of admission. The other blog is more technical, really, showing some dude getting blown out a window (into space) after his ships corridor is shot up. Lots of discussion on practical effects vs. SFX and keeping things within budget ("taking the cheap way out").

Worth a watch.... If Six is being "re-born" in the scene, I wonder which version we're going to get? A Basic Six 1.0, Gina 2.0 or the one that's been in Baltar's head for most of the last two years? It seemed to me more like a CapricaSix, but it was hard to get a good feel for which version.

God, I love spoilers... I'm such a spoiler whore....

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