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ENTER! TV & Media Avatar Contest: Tributes of Steel

Hey, everyone!

Not sure about the theme. Not on an originality level, but whether there's actually enough material to work with.

So, in honour of both the 75th anniversary of Superman and the release of "Man of Steel", let's remember the tributes and references of the first superhero from TV and movies, but no SF/F. I'm also unsure whether to allow "Seinfeld" and/or "Big Bang Theory" entries, because I'm afraid there'd be dozens of those and barely anything else. Right now, I'm going to allow those, but I'd urge you to come up with something else.

Also, it must be a clear reference to Superman, not to Superheroes in general. He must be mentioned, or it must be the \S/ on a T-shirt, or a Halloween costume, or something like that.

Usual rules on size and all that, of course.

Here's my entry:

So, let's see if this is going anywhere.
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