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Re: Voyagers ending, redone.

Captain Janeway 20 seconds after the final credits started rolling was going to jail for crimes she was "about" to commit.

In a novel, the current day time cops were about to throw Janeway in jail forever for (what a future version of herself, as as well as she herself did, playing along with a bastard from the future giving her orders on how to turn time on it's ass) messing with timeline, when their 29th century counterparts appeared and said "No, let her go this was part of history." Which if you really think about it, doesn't change shit. She had broken the law like it didn't exist, but just because the law needed to be broken, Janeway gets saved by some fricking Robin Hood loophole even though she was completely ignorant about how Robin Hood she was? Janeway had already done what she needed to do to maintain the integrity of "a good" timeline, and it doesn't matter if the time cops from the "good" 29th century manipulated and railroaded her (or/and Admiral Janeway) into viciously changing time, because it only establishes a weakness in her character to remorselessly destroy time, because Kathryn had wittingly done a bad thing to ignorantly do a good thing, there can't have been a reason to reward her with a get out of jail card if after destroying the borg that nothing she is still yet to do is still vital to the integrity of the timeline?


The Department of Temporal Affairs couldn't throw Kathy in jail because she still had things to do (in the novels).

Fricking time travellers with heir half truth bullshit.

When finally this woman has run out of important things to do for the history books: THEY ARE GOING TO LYNCH HER.

(In the novel, it was the 29th century Time cops singing Ding Dong the Borg are dead! Give the girl a slap on her back! But not only were the Borg not completely dead, but the Borg went on to kill 63 billion people in their next scrimmage... Which means that either time deviated from the good 29th century or the Good 29th century is a pack of hyena's who needed 63 billion people to die and needed Janeway to be responsible for the death of 63 billion people, and needed the present day time cops and the present day federation council to allow themselves to talk them selves into the destruction of 40 percent of the Federation by agreeing to issues and potentialities which they in no way understood.

Next time some timecop from the 29th century shows up with sage advice and majestic orders couched in words like "destiny", any one from 2381 onwards is probably going to blow their fricking faces through. Seriously! How is a human head like a window? When you shoot a hole through it the size of a cat flap.)
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