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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Despite being way smarter and more efficient than me a lot of them lack the confidence to go for promotion.
Women are just like men. Some are smart, some aren't. Some are confident, some aren't. Some are assholes, some aren't.

You tell my wife she needs a man to fight her battles for her and she'll punch you in the mouth.
Would she reject my support if I agreed with her position though? She may not need me to fight her battles for her but if there is a battle to be fought isn't more support better?

Ask your wife if she thinks that actresses should get less work than actors because the jobs are not made available for women. I'd be interested to hear her perspective, although
every man and woman for him/herself was the worst aspect of Thatcherism in the UK. I can't bring myself to subscribe to that philosophy. It isn't very Star Trek.

I still think lobbying is the way to go based on the evidence I've seen so far.
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