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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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But what's the solution being proposed?
That is up to women. I don't want to speak for someone or a group of people who have shown to be wholly capable of speaking for themselves.

Did you ever stop to think that this isn't as big an issue to women as it is to you?
Hell yes. I nag the women at work all the time. Despite being way smarter and more efficient than me a lot of them lack the confidence to go for promotion. I think they should encouraged because it helps society overall. More women in more senior positions will make the world a much better place. Too many a**holes have too much power. Women hold the key to the population explosion and a lot of other issues.

I for one am ready to serve my female overlords.

I'm still not seeing how the average woman is going to know that Star Trek is a bit light on women in speaking roles. Are you suggesting that women should check the cast list of every movie before going? Or obtaining a copy of the script online and counting the lines of each character. I don't see it as a realisitic solution compared to lobbying the writers and producers.
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