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Re: Was the U.S.S. Horatio an Ambassador Variant?

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I seem to recall the Alaska class originated in a set of ship plans that were produced around the same time FASA was working on the OM, but whether it was intended to actually be a FASAverse design or simply fit in with it is up for debate. This set of plans was published by Temporal Graphics in 1988 and identified the ship as being the Enterprise-C, so FASA might have simply borrowed that for convenience and there being no conflicting information available at the time. There were some other oddball ship plans floating around then, like the USS Churchhill and the "Centurian Class" 1701-D.
I remember that Centurian Class. It was obviously drawn by someone from memory. There was a very inaccurate set of Grissom blueprints that were the same way when STIII came out.
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