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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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And just to throw that in:

Star Trek Into Darkness

Film Editing by
Maryann Brandon
Mary Jo Markey

Casting by
April Webster
Alyssa Weisberg

Casting Department
Maryellen Aviano .... extras casting coordinator
Kelly Valentine Hendry .... casting search
Victor Jenkins .... casting search
Gumby Kounthong .... extras casting
Carla Lewis .... extras casting
Jessica F. Sherman .... casting assistant
Erica L. Silverman .... casting associate
Leah Woodworth .... extras casting assistant
Oh yeah - I've noticed that casting directors are very often women. Although I presume that they can only cast the characters that are in the script. Still, please don't assume that I would ever suggest that women cannot be prejudiced against their own gender. In fact, if women were not so disloyal to their own sex, they would have taken over the world a long time ago!

I think it's a matter of perspective though. Women may like what they see but would they like it more or less if there was more gender balance? The social norms have obscured the problem from many people's consciousness. Most women have not even noticed that there is an issue like most women were not concerned whether they had the vote when suffragettes started out.
Star Trek/Babylon 5/Alien crossover

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