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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

Yeah, I enjoyed that article and it was one of the articles I read previously. Although I took the view that it supports my general position - I don't believe that the writers have a sexist agenda but that obliviousness to the issue leads them to produce a sexist product. Whether you label it sexism or laziness because if we're raking in the cash don't fix it, the article indicates that there is a strong gender divide. The objective problem does exist.

The article was looking at the situation in a wider context too. Bridesmaids was a film that focused on a group of women but I expect that there were roughly as many male characters as female. I don't expect to see a 50/50 ratio in a war movie or a historical drama, depending on the subject matter, so I think an overall gender divide across the industry is probably inevitable from the perspective of where the article is coming from.

Trek's problem is that it espouses equality but doesn't display it. In the sixties a crew that was 1/3 female seemed very progressive but the butterfly effect and 40 years of real world emancipation should have moved that on. I don't see it.
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