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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Just posted this elsewhere, thought I'd post here too...

I liked it. A lot. I've seen it twice in 18 hours. I was not disappointed. I could see where two or three hard-cuts where made for time and I wish they'd not been. I found the hand-to-hand combat much too fast-past and visually difficult to follow, but that's Snyder for you. It felt a bit like it was compensating for the lack of epic spectacle of past Superman films + past Superman shows (namely Smallville) by cramming every last iota of explosive action in as could be. But overall I really enjoyed it. A good reboot, a good origin tale, a good film. All the acting was good, the characters good. I have no significant complaints just the ones I've said above. Was shocked by Zod's death at the hands of Superman... but I've also always thought it naive of Superman to be so squeaky-clean. It takes the number 2 slot of best origin films for me, only behind Batman Begins. Takes the top Superman film slot as well. I think when all is said and done it'll be a great success that revives and rejuvenates the Superman brand.
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