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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

Yes there a few noteworthy omissions

* There are no Federation shuttles or shuttlepods, save for the Delta Flyer (if that fits your definition of a "shuttle"). No workbees or inspection pods either. However, the Vulcan shuttle and Reman Scorpion are on the list.
* Daedelus
* Soyuz
* USS Pasteur
* No kitbashes from Wolf 359 or the DS9 "frankenstein fleet". Not big losses there but a few like the Centaur, the Niagara and the New Orleans would be ok
* Neghvar
* D7 cruiser
* Cardassian freighter
* Merchantman
* Xindi arboreal / Tellarite ship
* Xindi primate or Degra's ship
* Xindi superweapon
* Whorfin / Lakul
* Kazon raider
* Renegade Borg/Lore vessel
* Xhosa freighter
* The Andorian Kumari
* The Aeon
* THe Dauntless
* any TOS remastered ships - the Antares, the Aurora, the Medusan ship
* any Abramsverse ships (except the Kelvin, which technically is from the Prime universe)
* A wide assortment of more interesting "alien of the week" vessels.
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