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Re: Voyagers ending, redone.

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You didn't like the lonely people at the window in space ending of DS9?

I loved the ambiguity of DS9's finale, could have done without the montage though.
For me, they might have continued the obvious Odysseus parallel by having Janeway giving up Starfleet, just as Odysseus had to give up the sea in order to get home safe. Starfleet wants to prosecute the Maquis, and use Seven and the Doctor in experiments. In the process they end up exposing and taking down Section 31. In the end, Janeway could resign her commission as part of a deal to keep the Maquis, the Doctor, and Seven safe from judicial and scientific exploitation, or go public about what they are planning to do with the Voyager heroes. Ending with her and Seven walking down the road to meet Gretchen and the family in Bloomington.
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