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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

Posted by Skye:
Posted by Starkers:
Is it possible to show Archer in a positive light?
Anyone who could do it convincingly, would be instantly considered a god among men (or a goddess among women).

Also, I too recommend Embers of the Fire by Gibraltar.
I can recommend Immune Link to story

This was started as my perfect episode of Enterprise, but it grewed! The crew fall into an illness to which only Trip is immune, he has to get Enterprise to safety on his own. In a b-plot Trip has passed his exams to become a full Commander. Only he hasn't told Captain Archer.
It was chosen as favourite story by a few at House of Tucker and it's a good read.

It's a PG13 fic which mostly deals with Trip, but shows Archer in a good light.
The Watcher and the Tower,
Waiting, hour by hour.
(Crises, Mike Oldfield 1983)
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