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Re: The abundance of ideas for a new trek show.

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
That didn't stop them from doing DS9 and VOY
Oh, absolutely. But you have to admit that this was in an era where Trek was a bit different: you already had a spin-off on the air, and quite a bit of ratings...

...and yet look what it got them ? Both DS9 and VOY lost viewers progressively.

R. Star wrote: View Post
[Yeah that sounds almost as radical as making a series set a 100 years later than the original series with a french captain with a british accent. Good thing they never tried that, no one would realize it's not Captain Kirk and it certainly wouldn't have gotten the highest ratings of the franchise.
I'm not saying it can't work. But you have to stop thinking of what you'd like to see and think of it from the studio's perspective. The last three Trek series didn't bring in viewers like TNG did. And when you say "Star Trek", non-fans usually only think of Kirk and Spock. So again, I'm not saying it can't be done. I'm saying it's far less likely.
And that's my opinion.

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