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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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seeing Clark balance trying to live a normal life with living as Superman is a bit more interesting than just watching Superman.
Not always. Not absolutely. And I'm thrilled they set that aside for this film. Ironically, despite not having his name in the title, this was absolutely a movie about Superman - about how he must reconcile Clark Kent and Kal-El before he really becomes super. Besides, the setup is there to do the "balancing act" exploration in the sequel.
I've always enjoyed the George Reeves, and Lois & Clark model where Clark is who he is, and Superman is just what he can do. The alien aspect has never caught my interest.
I've enjoyed those, too. And doing so again certainly would have been the safe route. Making Superman so explicitly alien isn't an easy thing to do. And the film itself certainly isn't without its flaws in that regard. But I'm glad they tried something different and took a chance (admittedly in a reboot ).
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