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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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In that case: [Marcus Butler]Heeeeeellooo[/Marcus Butler]

No, seriously, I think you are trying too hard to see a problem where none exists.
My heart belongs to Zac Quinto... or maybe Henry Cavill, I'll see how he looks in Spandex.

But my point is, I've read articles that suggest there IS a problem. Show me the articles that say there isn't and I will evaluate the evidence.
I'm sure there are also articles that bemoan the lack of gay characters in ST and STID (I'm all for making Chekov gay - but that's because of Anton Yelchin), but that doesn't indicate there is an actual problem of homophobia about Abrams' Star Trek.
I'm on the fence about the gay issue. Firstly, they make up a relatively small proportion of the population (1 in 16 last review I saw) and there could be lots of gay or bi characters whose sexuality has nothing to do with the plot so their sexuality is irrelevant. Plus gay actors can play straight characters so there is limited real world prejudice.

TV has made some strides with Jinx in Warehouse 13, Game of Thrones, and the sexually ambiguous characters in True Blood and some high profile shows like the New Normal. Overall though you are far more likely to see lesbianism in genre shows (Buffy, Defiance, Lost Girl, Deep Space Nine etc)

I was irritated at the way Russell T Davies went insane in Dr Who and Torchwood, throwing in about a dozen gay and bi characters over the space of 3 years. In some cases, it wasn't enough to imply a relationship, he had to raise a neon sign with bells on even where it had no relevance to the plot.

However, the portrayal of the more mature relationship between Jack and Ianto in Children of Earth was well done as are the more recent appearances by Vastra and Jenny.

I'd have no issue if Noel Clarke's character had been married to another man but it's hard to see other ways to show it on screen without making it a bit jarring. Cupcake and his boyfriend walking hand in hand down a corridor maybe? Still too jarring for me since nobody else walks around hand in hand.

The most appealing gay character I've seen recently was the MI6 character in State of Play. Sadly, in the US version his character was cut completely so the only bi character left was a drug-abusing sleazebag. Left a nasty taste in my mouth because the gay spy was unusual and his omission looked very deliberate.
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