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Re: Has anyone else noticed the major plot flaw in TWOK?

^Depends on the novel and the situation. Sometimes, if it's plot-relevant, the travel time will be mentioned in dialogue or narration, at least broadly. Some authors in some books use date headings at the start of scenes or chapters, though that's hardly universal.

But you don't spend time on the journey itself unless there's something story-significant going on during it. That's what they call "walking to the plot," and it's a storytelling faux pas. It can be useful to spend the time establishing necessary character relationships or tensions, or to include a briefing to give necessary exposition (though that can certainly be overdone too), but only if you need it.

Anyway, scene breaks work in prose the same way they work in film -- the audience understands that there's supposed to be a passage of time between them, unless it's just switching POVs during the same sequence of events.
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