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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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... if that's what they truly want.
LOL. That sums up your position for me.

I still don't see any evidence that there is not a problem.
You're so devoted to your cause that you'd likely reject any evidence to the contrary. Like you continue to ignore that both the buying and political power of women continue to increase.


It wasn't people like Gene Roddenberry who changed the way TV did business in the 1960's, it was advertisers. Advertisers who saw that minorities and women had increased buying power and wanted shows that they would watch so they could insert advertising and get those folks to buy their products.

You continue to blatantly ignore how simple economics plays into the equation and how simple economics can change things.

It all comes down to folks speaking with their wallets.

EDIT: As a by-the-by...

I never have given a shit about gender equality in entertainment. I was more worried about my daughter's education and her SAT/ACT scores. People get hung up on the most unimportant things.
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