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Re: Why did the UK theatrical release of First Contact have bonus foot

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^ For years I was convinced that I saw a print of ROTJ that started off on ENDOR (I was only 6 at the time).

Years later someone pointed out that there had been a trailer for "Caravan of Courage" and it all made sense
Ah, that would be very understandable.

Memories can be so real - and so false! I once got flown down to Melbourne to appear as a guest on a live "tonight show" for TV. I went straight from work to the airport, was put up a luxury hotel, taken out to dinner, did the show, hung with the celebrities in their dressing rooms, went with the other celebrity guests to a restaurant for midnight dessert, then back to the hotel, and had a wake-up call booked for about 5am the next morning. I arrived back in Sydney the next morning to start work, as if nothing had happened. The entire trip seemed like an impossible dream, and I even had studio pics taken where the host was holding up a rare collectible book that I'd never seen before. (I didn't actually see those pics for about a year, but I knew they existed.)

I had tried to imprint that 20-year old book cover on my brain, so I'd be able to hunt for it in second hand bookshops. It had no credited author and a misleading title, so it was going to be very hard to find even in a library. That night in the hotel, though, I must have relived all my experiences of that whirlwind trip in my dreams. I was on such a high! I'm not even sure I slept. I just closed my eyes and... hallucinated. With a huge grin on my face.

Eventually, a few months later, I found the book,but was absolutely convinced it was a second book, because the cover was so different. This one had a photo cover, but I new I was looking for one that had drawn images. About a year later, I was finally given a sheet of tiny b/w contact prints of the negatives taken on that big night. And there was the tiny book cover in the pics: looking absolutely nothing like the one in my brain. But exactly like the one I'd found. Mystery solved.

Oh, there were no additional scenes in the UK version of First Contact either.

Load of Bollocks.
I'm sure you're correct.

The Trek story I've never been able to confirm: A friend from Sydney was in Perth the night that ST III premiered in Australia. When she got back to Sydney, she went with us to her second viewing (it was my third). Suddenly she was asking where the little Vulcan girl was. My friend remains convinced that she saw a scene with the credited child actress, Katherine Blum, telling Spock to "Live Long and Prosper" as he was taken to the Fal Tor Pan ceremony! That scene has never popped up in extended editions, nor Youtube clips. I've not even seen a production still (athough the scene may well have been drawn for the comic adaptation?)

How likely is it that the scene was in one stray reel, shown in Perth six months after the US premiere? Or did she see the comic in a shop before the premiere?

My other Trek friend who lived in Perth at the time was no help re confirmation because he'd flown to Sydney to attend the gala Sydney premiere with us!
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