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Re: Humor in STID (spoilers if you haven't seen it, yet)

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Sorry Franklin, missed you were asking for the humorous moments...

Kirk on Spock/Uhura's argument; You two are fighting... how does that even work?!

Is that right, did I get the quote correct? Anyway, I thought it was a funny line.
It's funny in the irony of it. The fact that this "primitive" person whose people had just barely invented the wheel could look at the Enterprise and have an inkling of anything other than seeing a god is a clever moment. An example of Starfleet sanctimony in action. (You're too dumb to figure out what just happend.) It was clever. And clever things can make a person smirk, which is close to laughing and humorous.

As far as the turbolift scene goes, yeah, it was like Kirk and Uhura had a shared moment about Spock in the turbolift. You could hear another woman deliver the line just like Kirk did (wait women talking about men is in another thread.) When Kirk exited and asked Spock if his ears were burning, I think that got the loudest laugh from my wife.

My youngest daughter thought it was very funny when Scotty told Kirk, "I'm running," on the Vengeance. Laughed out loud both times she saw it.
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