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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

^I don't think he wanted to be hated either. I think he quite correctly expected to be unwelcomed, & that it would take the form of resistance to his authority. His choice was to either be accommodating about it & risk not delivering what he was expected to deliver, or the better choice would be to embrace the imposition & use it to his advantage, not dissimilarly to how he used his "Unreasonable Captain" stance with the Cardassians too

The mark of a brilliant tactician & a useful leader is to turn weaknesses into strengths & obstacles into tools or weapons. I'd say he did that exceedingly well, in both cases, & if some of them were too dim or stubborn to get on board with that, then they're the fools, & truthfully, only Riker let it go that far. Everyone else by the end was working exceptionally well with Jellico in succeeding with their mission, & even Riker got the chance to redeem himself to a degree
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