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Re: top dr who episodes

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7-"The Doctor's Wife"
Why is that one so popular? I've just re-watched that one today, probably the first time I've seen it since it's original broadcast. I remember it as being absolutely appalling, a snooze fest. Re watched it, didn't hate it this time round, didn't like it much either though. Some things I liked were the classic series like corridors (although I wish it match the console room better, although I'd prefer the console room to match the corridors), the brief return of the RTD TARDIS (Smith would have suited that TARDIS well), and I noticed that some of the music in it reminded me of the Davison and C. Baker era music. especially the corridor scenes.

I found Idris bloody annoying though. She was pathetic. I don't like giving the TARDIS a personality, I prefer to just have it as a machine. The sentimental bit at the end with the doctor crying was awful. Plus I felt the whole plot was a bit weak. In Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel, the Doctor says it's pretty much near impossible to go from universe to universe, but in this one a being trapped in a sort of pocket universe somehow send a message box (plot hole alert! If that could be sent, why doesn't he just get himself out of there?) and then the doctor just goes blundering in.

The problem with Moffat is by trying to be clever and make big twists, he sometimes (often) makes plot holes as a result.)
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