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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

I don't think a whole stash have been discovered. Maybe about three or so.

Still, if this is true, here's what I want discovered:

*The Celestial Toymaker: I saw the surviving forth part on the "lost in time" surviving episodes box sets and loved the hell out of it. I think If I saw the whole thing, it might become not only a favourite 60s Dr. Who, but an all time favourite. Not many Hartnel serials I've liked much anyway.

*The Tenth Planet: Because it is the first regeneration and first appearance of the cybermen. Is the all time lost episode!

*The Moonbase: Yet again, I saw the surviving episodes on the "lost in time box set (I think it was 2 & 4), and I loved it. I think If I saw it in whole, I might possibly prefer it to Tomb of the Cybermen. I just love sixties cybermen!

*The Wheel In Space: Because it's Troughton Cybermen! Plus the design in this serial is a personal favourite for some reason. I think I saw episodes 2 & 6 (yes yet again on the "lost in time" boxset), not as good as Moonbase or Tomb, but still fun. Mind you, it's a six parter and they usually drag on too long for my liking, plus four whole episodes need to be found).

*The Ice Warriors: I think the whole serial of this one is missing, I'm not sure, I never saw it on the Lost in Time boxset. But that'd pretty much complete the Ice Warrior collection right? Would be nice to see the original concept of Ice Warriors!

*The Two Yeti ones: I think both serials are missing, One's called the abonerable snowman and the other's web of fear I believe. A surprisingly underused monster/s who are actually quite well known. Plus with the new series and the Great Intelligences return, it'd be nice to also have the return o the Yeti to go with it.

*The Underwater Menace: I don't think any episodes survive of it, but I think I saw some clips of it on the "Lost in Time" box set. From what I saw, it looked fantastic, I want to see it!

*Evil of the Daleks: Troughton's first serial: yes please! Plus Daleks! No Second Doctor Dalek serials in whole if at all exist today, would be nice to see it at last!
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